Monday, August 2, 2010

TRIBUTE to Jonathan May, Cellist - Beautiful Music Remembers

In memory of one of our dearest cello performers Jonathan May, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. He was an amazing musician, performer, and conductor. He had recently opened a collection of music at Carnegie Hall in New York City as one of his recent accomplishments with his Youth Orchestra, arrangements by Rob Kerr, violinist. He also conducted these special songs at the wedding of Rob Kerr in June 2009 at quaint Cypress Grove Park with a orchestra under the gazebo. Jonathan always brought humor, and joy to each event he was involved in, from the moment he stepped onto the stage or platform, he lit up with a jolly gaze with a bolt of energy and plowed into the music in front of him. I was honored to know him and work with him on many occasion for events and weddings with my business. He always came to the rescue on events, and always tried to help when his schedule would get so busy to do the event. It is a fond remembrance of our dear musician friend, we will always remember you and your music! His service was an amazing tribute to his musicianship, family and life. We performed many beautiful songs including Simple Gifts from Appalachian Springs, which oddly was the last song I had played with him in our quartet for a wedding. He played that song with such conviction. The other piece I found very moving was the Phoenix Rising by Stella Sung. I was seated as second flute orchestra and amidst many of his youth orchestra players. It was very moving to say the least. He was the conductor of the Youth Symphony and will be greatly missed. His family continues with their music and the youth orchestra foundation at Mays Symphony. Jonathan many life awards and accomplishments are listed on wikepedia if you would like to read more about his amazing life. Maureen and her children are an inspiration to all who know the family as they continue their pursuits of excellence in music and life. Visit this site to learn more about this endeavor and make a donation in memory of Jonathan at Mays Symphony. Photos are of Jonathan working and in his element as always.

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