Friday, August 6, 2010

Focus on Flute and Flutists by Beautiful Music, Orlando FL

Flute is a wonderful instrument as a  feature or in an ensemble within a chamber group or my favorite - a jazz group. My favorite flutists include, Nestor Torres, James Galway Aaron Goldman and Robin Etter for a local reference. The song of the flute translates well for any melodic passage or vocal music. Solo flute has been popular for many years, but having it at events now has been very much in demand during the current economy. Performances by Beautiful Music include our Three Flutes Only, Orlando Flute Choir, and Flute Quartet. Favorite flute repertoire for me includes Debussy, Telemann, as well as contemporary songs such as Cold play and Jazz standards. Beautiful Music only selects to work with Central Florida's finest Flutists. 

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