Monday, February 2, 2015

THE MAGICAL FLUTE ON FIRE - Concert notes with Aaron Goldman - First Flute, Principal Flute, Atomic Flute

 The Magical Flute on fire is my best description of this performance. The Flute concert with Aaron Goldman sponsored by the Florida Flute Association 2015 Flute Fair Convention was powerful, poignant and inspiring. The program was to say the least difficult pieces all delivered in Aaron Goldman style with precise elegance, power, and grace. I say he is the James Bond of the Flute. So thankful for my friendship with such a fabulous flutist and kindhearted friend whose spirit is both joyful and humble all at once. Loved meeting Evie, seeing Lobo Ratana. Sharing a postlude of laughter and great stories among a table of great artists including Trudy Kane Associate Professor of Flute University of Miami currently and formerly Principal Flute Metropolitan Opera, can I just say wow. She and her husband are so delightful as well as pianist Tim Carey of Essex England wonderful pianist and accompanist with a wicked sense of humor. The sweet and fun couple Ervin and Susan Monroe of Muramatsu Flutes America are both lovely and gracious. An unforgettable evening  indeed.  - Shannon Caine, Beautiful  Music Orlando Flutist, tags:,MuramatsuFlutesAmerica, Trudy Kane, Metropolitan Opera  Aaron Goldman
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