Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Behind the Scenes Story of Interview with A Flutist Robin Etter - by Flutist Shannon Caine, Candlelight & My Bucket List

I have played for Disney since one of my dearest friends Sondra Vaughn Disney Harpist gave my name to the Walt Disney World Harpist for now over 30 years Kathleen Attanasi for gigs at Disney. My first gig was on the Empress Lilly. Playing at Disney I met many wonderful musicians including Susan Goldmann, Bethany, and Soon Hee Newbold Rettig to name just a few. One of our gigs we played for Michael Eisner at a private event. Very cool. Anyway the Christmas after my younger brother passed away – we were all having a very hard time with everything especially the holidays. I shared this will Kathleen; she immediately offered to take us to the Candlelight Processional. The evening we attended Robert Urich narrated, he did a great job – there was not a dry eye in audience. The evening was beautiful, and a dear memory now that my Dad is gone too. I listened intently to my friends performing in the Orchestra and flutists I did not know – yet. I told my parents who had bought me my first flute from a pawn shop in Junior High and first Professional Flute as a senior that, “I am going to play in that orchestra one day. My Dad did not live to see that come true. But, this dream came true when I played with the Walt Disney World Orchestra after many years at Disney as a contracted musician and then statused musician. I was so happy to play with specifically Robin Etter on First Flute and I was on Second Flute. My favorite songs from the Candlelight Processional are What Child Is This and the Hallelujah Chorus. My other favorite narrator from Candlelight is Abigail Breslin who I met by chance after the performances back stage with her mom. She was a very dear person and made The Bucket List dream even better than I thought it could be. Years prior I had found out about Robin from a business associate. I called her and I had bought her CD – I loved it, every note. I found it inspiring to reach further and work harder. I called her and gushed on how much I loved her playing. She was very kind. We became friends and have played gigs together with my Three Flutes Only Trio and other settings. It was always amazing and beautiful. I researched the songs on the CD, trying to find the score to this particular clip Summer Theme from her CD – during this search I received a personal call back from renowned Flutist Julius Baker – he and his wife called me on a conference call – he listened to the CD and said what a great player Robin was and then said “Oh that song is by my good friend Pat Williams. Julius was so fun and down to earth on the phone and offered to send me a cd of his performance. I received that in mail a week later. He had pulled up his rolodex and gave me Patrick Williams information and  number on the LA. California. Well, Pat responded with a letter and the Original Hand Calligraphy Score He said a lot of his music had been lost in a studio fire, but he had this score, he titled, “Variations on an Autumn Theme. It is my favorite song from Robin’s CD - although I do love them all. This clip says it all. Many thanks to Robin for her kindness, sharing her inspiring musicianship and her talent. Thank you to Sondra Vaughn and Kathleen Attanasi for always believing in me that led me to play with Robin, Candlelight and many other great events. Do what you love, and when people say NO, ignore them and pursue your dream no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way. Photo credits: Tim Kelly and Essence Music. Sondra Vaughan, Kathleen Attanasi, Soon Hee Newbold Rettig and Robin Etter.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paint It Black Ensemble in Concert at Casa Feliz Music Series on September 11, 2016 at 12 noon - with special music in tribute.

Paint It Black Ensemble in Concert at Casa Feliz Music Series on September 11, 2016 at 12 noon - with special music in tribute. Join us for a lovely concert at the Casa Feliz in Winter Park, FL. presented by Beautiful Music & Paint It Black Quartet & Orchestra with Casa Feliz.

Beautiful Music Muse Quartet in Concert at Cathedral of St. Lukes on October 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Join us for the 25th anniversary of Ben Lane's service at Cathedral of St Luke - downtown Orlando, FL with our Muse Ensemble of Harp, Violin, Flute and Cello Live Concert by Beautiful Music. Featturing, Rob Kerr on Violin, Victoria Schultz on Harp, Shannon Caine, on Flute and Elise Jimenez on Cello. Proceeds will be donated to One Orlando families. #beautifulmusicorlando

Press: Beautiful Music Wedding featured in Wedding edition of Orange Appeal Magazine July August 2016 - Beautiful Music at Orlando Museum of Art

Enjoy this featured wedding from Orange Appeal July/August 2016 - with Beautiful Music at Orlando Museum of Art 2016 with Arthurs Catering.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beautiful Music Orchestra & Voices with Paint It Black Orchestra at Orlando Museum of Art for Joan L. KIdd MD Fight For Life Continuum - Show Orchestra

This Project is a wonderful outreach and will be a great source of support to all those in need Fight For Life. The event included custom music by Jim Derrick for our 33 piece Show Orchestra with Concert Master Sacha Phelps with the Beautiful Music Orchestra and Voices and Paint It Black Orchestra opened the reception with custom music as well. It was a wonderful evening in honor of Joan L. Kidd MD with Tom Kidd and Casey Hall.  It was also a first for the Orlando Museum of Art - largest Orchestra event to ever be held at their venue with Vocals and Ballet Performer.  Photos and hightlights coming soon - here a few images to enjoy - by participants and Chris Gillyard Photo - in memory of his Mom. Ovations to all vendors: Heidi Schwartz Artist, Arthurs Catering, Florals by Oveido Beautiful Flowers. Save the Date, & Program design by Lindsey Luxa of Dragonfly Custom designs, Hair and makeup by About Face with Gina Schmitt and Kalie Drake. Videography by Nebula Productions with Tyler. and Presented by Tom Kidd of Fight For Life.

 Event Presented by Beautiful Music and Fight For Life 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016


Stop by the WPSAF 2016 Central Park Stage 10 am on March 19, 2016 - Winter Park FL
Paint It Black Orchestra Live - latest songs including Weekend, Adele and more. Music that is passionate,
articulate, intelligent, and fun! #classicrock #classicalmusiciansthatrock #rocknroll

Friday, February 12, 2016

Paint It Black Orchestra at the Alfond Inn Winter Park Wedding Stroll Sunday February 21, 2016 Conservatory #classicalmusiciansthatrock - Rock String Quartet

 Hope to see you at the Winter Park Wedding Stroll on February 21, 2015 at the Alfond Inn Conservatory with Paint It BlackOrchestra and Friends - Rock String Quartet and more.... #classicalmusiciansthatrock
#awardwinningmusic #halloffameaward2016 #passion

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Best Orlando String Quartet and Rock String Orchestra 2016 - PAINT IT BLACK QUARTET & ORCHESTRA - CLASSICAL MUSICIANS THAT ROCK!

Paint It Black Quartet & Orchestra by Beautiful Music received the HALL OF FAME KNOT AWARD AND 2016 KNOT AWARD FOR BEST MUSIC.  Hear them live at many venues coming soon.
January 20, 2016 University Club of Winter Park at 1:00 pm and Morse Museum in April for the Spring at the Morse Series 2016.  Benefit Concert on January 31, 2016 at St. Andrews Church, with Shannon Caine, Lori Jean Smith and Elise Jimenez.  Coming soon.... Performance at Winter Park Art Show 2016. #classicalmusiciansthatrock!