Sunday, March 23, 2014

Event- Full Weekend from Start to Fine - Beautiful Music, Paint It Black Orchestra, Three Flutes Only - OPO with Norm Lewis May 22, 2014

Such a busy weekend, looks easy on paper, but it was a Event Full Weekend, with Paint It Black Orchestra at the 55th Winter Park Art Festival, a few weddings, and then a planning client meeting, then off to hear Norm Lewis with the Broadway Tenors Show with Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.  Concert at show went great - nice crowd and many many compliments from the crowd.  We rocked the stage in the most elegant way with Jerry Bravo, Laura Firth, Francis Gaete, Sacha Phelps, Beth Feeley and Shannon Caine.  The music was all modern and the crowd loves this unique combination of strings and flute! Paint it Black Orchestra dedicated song, With or Without you by U2, performed in tribute to his memory as they were a favorite band of his, Sean Patrick Duff.  Classical Musicians That Rock! Off to a lovely wedding with Paint It Black Trio  - where we played Let It Go from Disney Film Frozen Soundtrack for the Processional, and Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis - perfect choices for a perfect day.  Then another event with Paint It Black Trio in Windermere - all Modern music for this client too, another perfect event.  Back to Bob Carr to hear Broadway Tenor featuring Norm Lewis long time friend of my husband, and I - amazing person, talent with angelic voice, just named as Phantom - in Phantom of the Opera,  in the Upcoming Broadway NYC show to open in May 2014, First African-American to take this role.  Favorite songs from the Broadway Tenors, Bring Him Home, with standing ovation and all. With Many Friends I work and perform music with, Mary Bos, Julia Gessinger, Douglas Pritchard, Shona McFadyen, Maureen May, Sacha Phelps and many more.  Amazing job by all, go hear the OPO - if you haven't recently - very inspiring. Lot's of traffic jams, but all ended well for this very busy day for Beautiful Music.

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