Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beautiful Music Presents Paint It Black Quartet - Aerosmith to Zeppelin and Bach to the Beatles

Paint it Black Quartet - Chamber ensemble offering rock and top 40 corporate or wedding reception music with string and wind arrangements featuring Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Bach, Beatles, Cold Play and more.
Out of the demand from many clients for events and weddings - Beautiful Music presents  the Paint It Black Quartet has come to be! Featuring classical instrumentation - the look of a String/Chamber Quartet - but custom repertoire that includes Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, The Verve, Jason MrazMichael Jackson and many more.  From Aerosmith to the Zeppelin and from Bach to the Beatles - this group is elegant, edgy and current!  Coming soon full service website Paint It Black Quartet - stay tuned!  We are able to enhance the group by adding Upright Bass, Electric Guitarist and Keyboards.  Be sure to book and refer your Modern Brides to us or for your next unique Corporate event or celebration.  We Rock the House!Theme Park Musicians, Orchestra, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Bach Festival and Brevard Symphony Orchestra.  All photos property of Beautiful Music and Paint It Black Quartet 2012. Prepare to be Entertained and Pleasantly So! 

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  1. Client stopped by the event tonight at Cypress Grove - booked us immediately! Mother of Bride, said it was like movie - that the music was palettable - and vibrant! great - to hear those words!

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