Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shannon Caine, Flutist at Candlelight EPCOT Walt Disney Orchestra December 2009

Performing with Walt Disney Orchestra for the EPCOT Candlelight Presentation in 2009 was the highlight of the Holiday season and very meaningful to me as a musician and flutist. I was able to check off performing with my favorite flutist Robin Etter as well as playing for the Candlelight Processionals as a promise I kept to myself in memory of my Father & Mother, who is totally responsible for me becoming a flutist and musician with that first purchase of a pawn shop silver flute as a beginner and then that steep investment of my Professional flute in high school. I received a scholarship following that purchase and months of practicing. He and my Mom had invested in that wonderful instrument purchase, many lessons and encouraging me to pursue my Music. I also count a huge determining factor to me becoming a professional was playing in the Calvary Assembly Orchestra at age 16 with the likes of Doug Matthews, Eddie Marshall, Tom Rau, Kevin Christian, John Henry Gates, Dale Burke, Tony Hill, and many more area professionals from the ranks of Disney and other notable venues. One of my music mentors was Wally Gilmour is always said, you were meant to play that flute. Playing with Robin Etter at the Candlelight Processional was to say the least surreal and very memorable. She is a understated master on the flute, and a wonderful person and friend. It was great fun with directors Dr. John Sinclair of Rollins Bach Festival, and John Territo of the Florida Youth Orchestra 2010, Mr. Rick Mizell and Chap Shoopman. The celebrity narrators were wonderful - I enjoyed playing as John O'Hurley and Abigail Breslin were the guest narrators. It was an amazing presentation with musicians who I work and respect so very much, Orlando Violinist Lisa Ferrigno as Concert Master, Elizabeth Gerberding performing on the harp seated just behind me with magnificient playing. Many others including Trumpeter John DePaola, World Class Drummer Danny Gottlieb and many more. Be sure to make dinner reservations to attend the EPCOT Candlelight this coming season for an inspirational and uplifting message.

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